Promo Mechanics

 1. Promo period runs from April 15, 2024 to June 14, 2024.

 2. This promo is open to all Mitsubishi service customers EXCEPT for employees of MMPC, its advertising agency and dealer employees including their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity.

 3. Customers who will join the promo will have a chance to win any of the following prizes:
    • 5 winners of iPhone 15 Pro
    • 10 winners of iPad Pro
    • 170 winners of Php2,000 PMS discount vouchers
    • 1,000 winners of Php1,000 PMS discount vouchers
    • 10,000 winners of Php500 PMS discount vouchers

  4. Customer must download the Mitsubishi Motors 360 Connect App on their mobile phone and make an advance reservation at least 3 days before the scheduled service appointment.

  5. After performing the required services on the customer's vehicle, the dealer's Service Adviser or Customer Relations Officer will provide the customer with the unique booking code
that will be used to join the digital scratch promo.

  6. Joining customer will be asked to visit and provide consent or allow MMPC and its authorized dealers to use/process their personal information during the implementation of this promo.

          Note: Customers need to enter their personal information such as his/her mobile number, conduction sticker number or plate number and booking code on the promo website to register.

  7. The customer will be encouraged by dealers to scratch the pad to reveal his/her prize voucher within 5 days.

  8. The customer must scratch the digital scratch card on the website to reveal their prize.
     a. Winning combinations (reveal 3 icons out of the total 9 boxes) are as follows:
         i. iPhone 15
         ii. iPad
         iii. Php 2K PMS discount voucher
         iv. Php 1K PMS discount voucher
         v. Php 500 PMS discount voucher

     b. The details of the prize won by the customer will be sent to the mobile number entered by the customer upon registration.

     c. The SMS needs to be presented to the dealer as proof of winning upon claiming of the prize. No proof, no prize policy shall strictly be imposed.

  9. For winners of iPhone and iPad, the customer must contact the dealer to schedule his/her prize pick-up date. The prize can only be claimed by the registered owner of the vehicle.

     a. If the prize will be claimed by another person, the authorized representative must provide the following documents:
         i. Copy of the SMS as proof of winning
         ii. Authorization letter signed by the registered owner with photocopy of his ID and ID of the authorized representative

     b. Winners of iPhone and iPad will be given 60 days to claim their prize.

  10. For winners of PMS discount, the customer must set an appointment with his/her preferred dealership thru the Mitsubishi Motors 360 Connect App.

     a. The PMS discount can only be used on the same vehicle that the customer registered when they joined the promo.
     b. The winning customer will be recommended to redeem his/her PMS discount voucher within 6 months (from the date of notification receipt) although the vouchers won't have expiry.
     c. Prizes are non-transferrable and non-convertible to cash.

Service Appointment Hotline

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